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    1 SAVINGS - An Ontario mortgage broker has access to many more lenders then the well known banks and credit unions ensuring that you DO get the best mortgage rates possible 2 CONVENIENCE - Obtaining a mortgage through me is quick, easy and convenient I have the flexibility to work around your schedule Most of the work can often take place over the phone or through email
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    Pre-Approved Mortgage Q When should I obtain a mortgage pre-approval for an Ontario mortgage? A You should obtain a mortgage pre-approval if you plan on buying in the near future in order to secure an interest rate guarantee from the lender
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    A HELOC (home equity line of credit) is an alternative way to borrow With a HELOC, your home’s equity becomes collateral to provide you with a supply of credit You decide how much credit you need, when you need it, then repay it when you can
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    Ontario Mortgage Brokers and Agents To secure the best mortgage rates in Ontario, contact a mortgage broker or agent in your area Using a local broker gives you the ability to meet in-person to discuss your needs and concerns and gives you access to the best mortgage rates offered by banks and lenders across Canada

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